Supple-Licks Extreme: The best high energy, all natural protein supplement on the market. This performance-packed product is designed for the roughest conditions, dry grass pasture, hay and low quality forage. 

Ideal for replacement of cubes, cake, or pelleted rations. Provide plenty of fresh water and free choice salt.


Bovine Breeder: This is one of the most concentrated products on the market that has been successful for building overall herd health. It’s protein, energy, vitamin and mineral package is designed for growing and mature beef cattle being fed grass hay/dry grass pasture, or for mature beef cattle on very poor quality roughage.

#1 USA Supple Licks Extreme
#9 Bovine Breeder
#1 CA Supple Licks Extreme
#9 Bovine Breeder

At OLS Tubs we have found that putting the focus on quality ingredients to create premium, low-consumption supplements benefit the producer both financially and in saved time.

Our clients are able to see increased profit margins through better conception rates, heavier weaning weights and less time and money spent doctoring their herds.  OLS has developed formulas that focus on not only highly bioavailable trace minerals and vitamins, but also providing support for the gut; improving immune response, colostrum quality, feed conversion and allowing your livestock to perform at their full genetic potential.  This is why we are confident when we say we are

“Simply the best.”

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Equine Supplements

Quality Supplements

OLS Tubs contains the highest concentration of vitamins, Availa Min, Amaferm, Lacto-Mos, BioMos, Intellibond and B-Traxim chelates; working together to help your livestock reach their full genetic potential.
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Goat with OLS Tub

Increase Performance

OLS offers multiple performance enhancing programs designed specifically for your replacement females to improve fertility, conception, & milk production.
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Optimal Herd Health

Minimize the effects of stress in your herd by providing them with the ultimate package fortified with chelated trace minerals, pre- and probiotic immune boosters, concentrated vitamins, & all natural protein to help your herd reach a higher plane of herd health.
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Compare us to any other TUB on the market, and you will see why we are the best!

Best Price

Costing roughly $.26-$.45 per head per day. Find exactly what you’re looking for at a controlled cost per day!

Custom Formulations

With our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, it is easy to make you exactly what you need. Send in a feed sample and our experts will make a supplement for your exact needs.

TOP-OF-THE-LINE Ingredients & Additives

Working with companies like Alltech, Pancosma and many more, OLS ensures your herd gets maximum benefits at controlled cost.  The key to a healthy herd, top performance and weight gain is a healthy digestive and immune system so key nutrients can be absorbed properly and infections don’t even have a chance.


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what are ranchers saying about ols?

Cambline livestock

Maybell, CO

You can tell a lot from what you see in your cattle’s eyes. We have been using the OLS mineral tubs since November 2016.  Our cattle are bright eyed.  Calving season is upon us, looking forward to the benefits of using the OLS tubs.  Truly appreciate our dealer, Kacey Lyons.


Jessie Harrington

Buffalo, WY

I started my horses on the #1 Supple Licks Extreme, my horses look better already and are gaining weight along their topline, not just a fat belly.  A 250 pound tub lasted 5-7 horse almost two months. And even the picky eaters love it. This product is wonderful and affordable and I’m excited to see continued results.

Jason Despiegelaere

Bruxelles, Manitoba

The OLS tubs have been a big success on our farm.  Our cows stay in great shape, get re-bred on time and bring home healthy calves with good weaning weights and slick hair coats.




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